Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leryn Franco - Web's Olympic Crush

Leryn Franco is a Paraguayan athlete who specializes in the javelin throw. She has captured the hearts of many men and women who watched the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It is sad that she did not advance to the finals huhuhuhu :-(


Friendster Text Alerts

Friendster has launched a new feature called Friendster Text Alerts. Unfortunately, as of this writing, it is not yet available in the Philippines. I wish Friendster will include Philippines as one of the supported countries as soon as possible. Philippines has been dubbed as the world's texting or SMS capital due to widespread use of SMS as a means of communication. I'm pretty sure that this constitute a large portion of the income of the telecommunications companies here in the Philippines. Filipinos are no doubt very enthusiastic to have Friendster Text Alerts service in the future.

What can Friendster Text Alerts do for you?

Subscribing to Friendster Text Alerts enables you to:

Receive text alerts for:
* Friend Requests
* Messages
* Comments
* Bulletins and more...

Text friendster to:
* Post Shoutout
* Approve Friend Request
* Send Message
* Post Bulletin and more...


Friendster Layouts, Friendster Skins, Friendster Themes

There are many Internet social network services out there but here in the Philippines, Friendster is definitely the king. Almost all people (that includes me) that I know have Friendster accounts. They even made ones for their babies! My friends and colleagues - they don't let any single chance to use a computer pass by without logging into their Friendster account.

Friendster has improved much ever since I joined them. The looks of a Friendster profile can now be customized. You can change the layouts, fonts, colors and backgrounds. On Friendster alone, there are many predefined skins that are ready to use. If you know HTML and CSS, you can reinvent your profile by creating your own Friendster layouts or Friendster skins. If you don't like the predefined ones and wonder what in the world is HTML and CSS, do not fret, you can still download awesome Friendster layouts or Friendster skins from these sites: - lots of free Friendster layouts for your Friendster profile - another site with lots of Friendster themes arranged into different categories - provides free premium quality Friendster themes for Friendster profiles.

Now, go and impress that girl you've been profile-stalking for god knows how many weeks with your new, shiny profile. :-)



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